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Terms and Conditions

online flowers and gifts delivery shop E-cvete.com

By using online flowers and gifts delivery shop E-cvete.com you hereby declare that you agree to our Terms and Conditions and accept them unconditionally.

  1. General Terms

    1. Authorship: This page and its content are exclusive property of E-cvete ltd., est 2016, 7 Mramor bul., 3500 Berkovitsa, Bulgaria. The use of this site’s content without the knowledge and permission of E-cvete ltd.. is strictly forbidden.
    2. Conditions: E-cvete ltd. has the right to alter these Terms at any time and without prior notice as it sees fit, in order to protect its and its customers interests.
    3. Products:
      1. Catalogue: Any of the products in our web catalogue could be added to your shopping cart and ordered. Detailed description of the contents of each product can be found on its page.
      2. Guarantees: E-cvete ltd. guarantees that the delivered product will not differ both visually and in content as the one shown on the website.
      3. Personalizations: Upon customer request we could alter a part of the product’s contents or it colours. This could be done by consulting our representatives.
      4. Products by customer requests: Customized flowers bouquets or arrangements by customer requests are not being prepared. You can order only what is shown in our online catalogue.
      5. Lack of product: In case a product needed to prepare your order is not currently available in our local shop, we will contact you with a proposal for a substitution. The delivery will be held until we receive your explicit confirmation or denial.
    4. Additional products: A part of the products in our catalogue could be considered Additional. This means that they could not be ordered separately, but only in addition to a main product (bouquet or flower arrangement). This information is shown on each additional product’s page. Additional products are considered to be all types of cakes, chocolates, wines, spirits, teddy bears, balloons etc. In case you place an order containing only additional products, it will be immediately cancelled.
    5. Wines and spirits: Upon placing an order containing spirits or wine, you declare that its recipient is not under age.
    6. Order: You can place an order by adding a product to your shopping cart and following the further steps to enter your shipping address and billing data. Orders are being accepted only online and rarely on the phone. Upon placing an order you will see a confirmation page and your order’s reference number. This data will also be e-mailed to you. Notice, that adding a product to your shopping cart does not mean that you have placed an order.
    7. Order cancellation: the cancellation and return policy is described in our Return policy.
    8. Sign-up: Registering a customer profile in our website is not obligatory for placing an order. Despite that, a certain personal data must be entered, as your names and email address. This data is used to notify you about order order’s status updates.
    9. Awareness: An email with information about your order’s status will be sent to you upon its change. Your order’s status could be also checked from your profile page or the guest tracking page. This information could be also obtained by contacting our customer service.
  2. Terms of Delivery

    1. Working hours: All deliveries are taking place in the time between 9am and 8pm EET. Deliveries in non-operational hours are rarely being performed, only after prior agreement with a customer service representative.
    2. Delivery date: The delivery date could be selected in the checkout process. We are not responsible for late deliveries due to incorrectly entered data.
    3. Delivery time: You can choose a specific time for the delivery of your order - between 9am and 1pm; between 1pm and 5pm; between 5pm and 8pm. We can not guarantee delivery in a specific time, although we will always comply with your wish.
    4. Delivery fee: The delivery price is being calculated based on the locality you want to ship to and whether the order is express (same-day delivery). Correct carrier selection is mandatory for delivering your order. See Delivery zones below for more information.
    5. Delivery zones:
      1. Zone 1: Carrier E-cvete / E-cvete Express for express orders cover the following localities:
        Blagoevgrad, Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Velingrad, Vidin, Gabrovo, Dobrich, Kavarna, Kazanlak, Karlovo, Kyustendil, Lovech, Montana, Pavlikeni, Pazardzhik, Petrich, Pleven, Plovdiv, Ruse, Samokov, Sandanski, Silistra, Sliven, Smolyan, Sofiya, Stara Zagora, Troyan, Targovishte, Haskovo, Shumen.
      2. Zone 2: E-cvete Province: covers all localities within 30km of a locality in Zone 1. Please, contact us for more information.
    6. Shipping data: The on-time delivery of your order depends solely on the correct data you provide in the checkout process. E-cvete could not be held responsible for late or not performed deliveries, caused by incorrectly entered data.
    7. Recipient absent: In case the recipient is absent upon delivery, our couriers will try to contact them on the phone to schedule a convenient time and place for the delivery. If we can not reach the recipient, you order may be delivered to neighbors, friends or relatives. It could be also returned to our store and delivered after we have contacted the recipient or you. Note that each additional attempt to deliver your order will be charged 5BGN for Zone 1 and 20BGN for Zone 2.
    8. Anonymity: Note, that our couriers do not have access to your personal data and therefore can not inform the recipient who send them the presents. Please, write your name under the greeting card message, if you wish the recipient to be informed who organized the surprise.
  3. Payment Methods and Terms

    1. In advance payment: You need to pay your order prior its delivery. If payment is not received by the selected delivery date, the delivery will be postponed until it is received or the order will be cancelled.
    2. Payment methods: You can checkout using one of the below methods:
      1. Credit or debit card: You can checkout with your Visa or MasterCard / Maestro debit or credit card directly from our website. The payment is processed immediately and your order can be delivered right away.
      2. PayPal: You can easily checkout using your PayPal account. In case you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use your debit or credit card to complete the purchase. The payment is being processed immediately and we can deliver your order right away.
      3. Bank transfer: Your order could be paid with a bank transfer as well. You just need to choose this payment method on checkout. Upon confirming your order, you will be presented our bank account and further instruction regarding the payment.
        1. Express deliveries: Note, that your order must be paid prior to its delivery. If you order same-day delivery, be sure to send us a copy of the transfer, so that we can start processing your order, before actually receiving its payment.
        2. Crossborder transfers: Transfers originating from a country different than Bulgaria are obligated to pay all expenses on the transfer. This does not apply for SEPA transfers.
      4. Western union, Moneygram: Your order could be paid with Western union or Moneygram transfer. You just need to select this payment method on checkout. Upon confirming your order, you will be presented detailed information about completing the payment. Note, that you will need to contact us and let us know about the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), the names of the payee and his country of residence.
    3. Payment disputes: Payment disputes on placed orders are not tolerated by our Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to have a look at our Return Policy and comply to it.
  4. Privacy Policy

    1. Personal Data: The personal data you enter in the checkout process are used only to deliver your order and notify you in time and is not being shared with any third party services. Your password is being hash encrypted and can not be decrypted, which means that no one can access it.
    2. Cookies: Our website uses cookies to store your language and currency preferences, and to store your shopping cart’s contents. We do not use tracking cookies.
    3. Correspondence: E-cvete ltd. has the right to keep all correspondence with you for unlimited period of time and use it as they see fit to protect their interest.
    4. Payment data: Your credit or debit card details are being processed by our payment gateway, without ever touching our server and are being encrypted before sent over.
    5. Security: The pages, that you enter your personal data on, as well as the checkout pages, are being server over secure https protocol.
  5. Return Policy

    1. Order cancellation by the customer: You can cancel your order without any further information up to 24 hours before delivery, in case that your order does not contain additional products. Otherwise, you can cancel your order not more than 48 hours prior to delivery. In case those requirements are met, we can fully refund your payment.
    2. Order cancellation by the merchant: In rare circumstances E-cvete ltd. has the right to cancel your order, in case some of the products, needed for its preparation, are not present in our local store or we can not deliver to the location selected.
    3. Claims: You have the right to claim a partial or full refund on your order not later than 24 hours after the delivery took place. To claim a refund you need to email us at support@e-cvete.com with a clearly stated claim and at least one attached picture of the product delivered.
    4. Partial refund: You have the right to receive a partial refund, after you have sent us a picture of the delivered product, so that we could estimate the value of the compensation. The amount would be released from our account within 24 hours upon agreement and it will be refunded according to your payment method.
    5. Full refund: You have the right to receive a full refund. In this case our courier will visit the recipient’s address to collect back the delivered product. The amount would be released from our account within 24 hours upon agreement and it will be refunded according to your payment method.
    6. Right of claim: Right of claim has only the customer, that placed the order. Claims could not be staked by recipients.


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    What our clients say:

    • Хиляди благодарности на Е-ЦВЕТЕ (www.e-cvete.com) теам! Днес преобразихте Pожденния Ден на мойта мила mama. Изпълнен с изненади и положителни емоциѝ. Благодария Ви от циялото си сърце. Благодагия Ви, за жеста че сте направили снимка. Багодарение на Вас, ние днес бияхме заедно! Thanks a million,
      Milenka Ivanova, 14/07/2015
    • Blagodarim mnogo za strictno izpalnenata porachka: Koshnicata beshe chudesna (sashto kato na snimkata) i navreme dostavena, vapreki razstoianiata. Blagodarim za pomoshta i razbiraneto na vashata slujitelka Dimitrova, po vreme na porachkata. Uspeh v businessa.
      Vera Velkova, 22/08/2015
    • Прекрасно! Много ви благодаря! Чудесно се получи всичко, букетът пристигна точно на време и донесе много радост. Благодарим още веднъж!
      Ганка и Иван, 22/10/2015
    • Благодаря за доброто обслужване. Майка ми е получила доставката, която е имала невероятен ефект. Всичко е изпълнено както го бях поръчала и този път. Желая ви много успехи!
      Мария Филипова, 20/11/2015
    • Здравейте, Сърдечно Ви благодаря за професионално изпълнената поръчка (номер 142885) за доставка на 71 червени рози в гр. Плевен, в събота 5 декември 2015. Много съм доволна както от качеството на услугата, така и от прекрасните цветя, които майка ми получи. Гордея се, че в България има такова високо ниво на обслужване. Желая Ви успех и просперитет през новата 2016-та година. Весели празници и най-добри пожелания.
      Евгения Атанасова, 08/12/2015г.