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Terms and Conditions of Use

of online flowers store E-cvete.

Online flowers and gifts delivery shop E-cvete expects you to familiarize yourself with the below Terms and Conditions and encourages you to carefully read the text and be aware of your rights and obligations.

1. General Agreements

1.1. Authorship: This page is owned by NetPartners LTD, a company based in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria, hereinafter referred to as E-cvete. All texts and photographs, found on this website, are considered to be E-cvete exclusive property. The contents of this page may be copied and used by non-profits solely. The contents of this page must not be, by any circumstances, republished to other websites.

1.2. Conditions: E-cvete may modify, at any time and without prior notice, the current Terms and Conditions, as it sees fit, in order to protect its and its customers rights.

1.3. Products: All products found in the catalogue of can be added to your virtual cart and be ordered. Detailed description of each product, its contents, picture and price can be found on its dedicated page. E-cvete guarantees that the delivered product match the information supplied on this website.

1.4. Additional products: Some products in the catalogue are considered “additional”, which means that they can not be ordered separately, but only in addition to a “main” product. Information that a certain product can not be ordered separately is further shown on each such product’s dedicated page. As additional products we consider all varieties of chocolates, cakes, spirits, wines, teddy bears, balloons etc. Those products can be added to your cart during the checkout process, if there is a main product present.

1.5. Wines and spirits: All alcoholic drinks are considered additional products and can be added to your cart during the checkout. Upon registering an order containing spirits you declare that the recipient is an adult. Deliveries of spirits to non-adults are not being performed.

1.6. Order: E-cvete accepts orders 24h a day, every day. The order itself can be made by first adding a product to your virtual “cart”, specifying a shipping address afterwards and finalizing the order by checking out. Upon successful checking out, you will be presented an order confirmation page, summarizing the contents of your order. This information will be also sent to your e-mail address. Orders are being accepted only online and in rare cases by phone. The second option, however, limits the payment methods available.

1.7. Order cancellation by customer: You can cancel your order, without giving a specific reason up to 24h prior its delivery date. Should your order include additional products, it is to be cancelled not later than 48h prior its delivery date. To cancel your order you will have to contact a customer support representative. The amount paid for your order will be refunded in at least 24h, after the formal cancellation is received and only if the deadline requirements are met. 

1.8. Order cancellation by merchant: E-cvete can cancel an order, should anyhow its delivery can not be performed, when lacking certain flowers, if the payment for the order is not received in time or not received at all. In such cases, you will be informed about the cancellation of your order accordingly. Any payments made will be refunded in at least 24h, upon cancellation.

1.9. Registration: Signing up for our website is not mandatory. You can place an order by fulfilling just a minimal amount of data, needed for the proper delivery of your order. Signing up, however, brings certain benefits as easily managing your orders, invoices and saving your shipping addresses, which can significantly speed up the checkout process.

1.10. Security: All private data, entered on our website, is encrypted by 128 bits SSL certificate, issued by Alpha SSL. Your payment data is directly transmitted to our sponsoring bank to be processed, without being processed or saved on our servers. E-cvete strictly follows the PCI standards.

1.11. Awareness: You will be informed about every status change of your order. Alternatively, you can follow up your order’s delivery from your profile page or the guest tracking page, should you haven’t signed up. Our customer support representatives are also authorized to give you information, regarding your order’s status, provided that they are granted the order number and the e-mail address, used upon checkout.

2. Delivery

2.1. Working hours: All deliveries are being performed between 9am and 8pm EET. Occasionally, we can perform earlier or later deliveries, but only after an explicit confirmation by a customer service representative.
Date of delivery: You can specify the desired delivery date in the checkout process. E-cvete is not responsible for incorrectly entered data. 

2.2. Delivery time: You can select a specific time span in which the delivery will be performed. The possible values to be selected are between 9am and 1pm, between 1pm and 5pm and between 5pm and 8pm. The select list will become active upon choosing a delivery date. We are able to perform deliveries in a specific time for certain occasions with fixed time as weddings, funerals etc, but only after consulting a customer service representative in advance.

2.3. Delivery fee: The delivery costs are automatically calculated and added to your cart’s total, based on the recipient’s location. In this sense, selecting the correct location of the recipient is absolutely essential. Orders with intentionally false selected delivery location will be cancelled, if the actual delivery fee is not paid, where applicable.

2.4. Recipient’s address and data: The on-time delivery of your order depends solely from the data you provide during checkout. E-cvete is not responsible for delayed or cancelled deliveries due to incorrect or incomplete data. 

2.5. Recipient absent: In case the recipient is absent at the time of delivery, we will use the phone number, you provide during checkout, to contact them and arrange a new delivery that fits their schedule. In case the phone number is incorrect or does not answer, we will try to deliver your order to friends, relatives or neighbors, living nearby. As a last resort, we might return your order back to our store and try to deliver it, when we contact the recipient. Note, that should your order be returned to our store, additional 5lv will be added for every further attempt to deliver your order.

2.6. Lack of a product: In case a specific product, needed for the correct preparation of your order is not in stock in our local store at the time, we will seek your advice for an eventual substitution of the flowers lacking. The delivery of your order will be delayed, until we receive your confirmation or refusal.

2.7. Anonymity of the delivery: Our couriers do not know who placed the order and can not inform the recipient who sends the present. Should you wish the recipient to know that you have organized the surprise, please, write down your name in the gift card message field.

3. Payment

3.1. In advance order payment: Every order is to be paid in advance ie prior to its delivery. Orders, for which the payment has not been received by the end of the selected delivery date, will be automatically cancelled.

3.2. Payment methods: You can checkout using one of the below payment methods. We do not accept payments through gateways not mentioned in those Terms.

3.2.1. Credit or debit cards: You can pay your order with your Visa or Maestro / Mastercard, if your card is designated for online payments. Payments are processed immediately and therefore we can deliver your order right away. You card’s data is processed by our sponsoring bank and is not stored on our servers. E-cvete strictly follows the PCI standards.

3.2.2. PayPal: You can pay your order with PayPal if you have registered profile with them. Payments are processed immediately and therefore we can deliver your order right away. Kindly note, that we do not accept e-check payments through PayPal. In case you try to pay with an e-check, your order will not be stored and you will be redirected to our website to choose an alternative payment method. You will then need to cancel the e-check payment yourself.

3.3. Payment disputes: Payment disputes are not tolerated by the Terms of use of this website. In case you are not satisfied of the products delivered, we encourage you to contact us, so that we can try to resolve the problem. If, however, a dispute has been opened on your part, you might be charged the following fees, depending on the payment method you have used:

3.3.1. PayPal disputes: Upon opening a PayPal dispute, your order and its payment are considered invalid. If your order has been already delivered, E-cvete might send a courier to collect the payment from its recipient. If your order has not yet been delivered, E-cvete will cancel it.

3.3.2. Chargebacks: In case of a chargeback of payment for an order, regardless of whether it is delivered or not, you are due to pay a fee of 48.90BGN to the organization managing your credit card, an administrative fee of 20.00BGN to E-cvete and a legal interest for the period from initiating the chargeback to when you reimburse all fees due. Should your is already delivered, by the time the chargeback is received, you are also due the full amount of your order. 
E-cvete might transfer your debt to third parties, including legal entities and firms, specializing in collecting late payments, and undertake any actions according to the actual Bulgarian legislation in order to receive the payments you are due. 

4. Privacy Policy

4.1. Personal data: All data you fill during checkout is used only to correctly deliver your order and keep you updated about any changes in your order’s status. The data is not used in any way violating the current legislation of Bulgaria. Your data can be shared with 3rd parties only in the cases described in 3.3. in order to restore a disputed payment for a delivered order.

4.2. Correspondence: E-cvete might keep any correspondence with you for an unlimited period of time and use it in any way it sees fit in order to protect their interests.

4.3. Payment details: Your credit or debit card data, that you fill during checkout, is not stored on or processed by our servers. Their safety is guaranteed by our sponsoring bank and is consistent with the current PCI standards.

4.4. Security: All sensitive data, that you might enter on our pages is encrypted with an SSL certificate, issued by Alpha SSL, using 128 bit encryption. The payment details you enter on our website are directly transmitted to our sponsoring bank, where they are processed, without being stored on or processed by our server. E-cvete comply strictly the PCI standards.

5. Return Policy

5.1. Claims: In the rare cases, you might not be satisfied with our services, you can claim a partial or full refund of the amount paid for your order within 24h of its delivery. You can do that by sending us an e-mail with clearly expressed claim for compensation and all other details to support it at [email protected]. The e-mail must contain at least one photo of the product delivered.

5.2. Partial refund: When our customer support representatives receive the photo of the product delivered, they will estimate the amount to be refunded and will contact you back. The refund will be issued 24h after reaching an agreement with you.

5.3. Full refund: You can also receive a full refund of the amount paid for your order. In this case a courier of ours will visit the recipient and collect the delivered product. The refund will be issued 24h, after we have collected the product.

5.4. Claim right: A claim right has only the payer of the order. The order is refundable according to its payment method. An order paid with credit card can not be refunded by bank transfer etc.