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Phalaenopsis orchid with Christmas decorations.

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Christmas orchid

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5.00 out of 5 / 4 reviews.

Big, delicate white orchid - double stemmed plant in ceramic pot, arranged with Christmas decorations.

Replacement of the ceramic pot with a similar one is possible, according to the available pots in our local flower shop.

Product contents:
1x Phalaenopsis orchid in a pot - white color
2x Additional materials for decoration
1x Ceramic pot
1x Christmas decorations
2x Pine-cone
1x Christmas greenery

What our customers say for Christmas orchid?

5 stars out of 5 possible.

Благодаря отново за прекрасното отношение и професионално свършената работа! Весели празници!
Ваня Р., 30.12.2019.
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5 stars out of 5 possible.

Както винаги точни и надеждни! Благодарим!
Inna U., 24.12.2017.
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5 stars out of 5 possible.

Благодаря за своевременното и отлично изпълнение на поръчката.
Александър Й., 04.12.2017.
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