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Order online romantic box with red and white roses 41.77$

The only one

5.00 out of 5 / 4 reviews.

An original box of roses - romantic gift of 8 red and 1 white roses to remind your loved one that she is unique and the only one for you.

It is possible to slightly change the flower box according to the availability in the respective regional flower shop.

Product contents:
8x Red rose 60cm
1x White rose 60cm
1x Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)
1x Flower box
1x Wrap and greenery

What our customers say for The only one?

5 stars out of 5 possible.

Страхотни сте! Винаги мога да разчитам на вас за да зарадвам любимият човек ! Дори от хиляди километри вие правите невъзможното - възможно и доставяте радост и изненади по всяко време !!! Благодаря ви !
Тервел Б., 25.07.2022.
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5 stars out of 5 possible.

Всичко беше идеално без забележка
Лъчезар В., 20.07.2022.
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